Educational Videos


Finn Coy-Gresavage provides an educational segment to distinguish the difference between Identity, Orientation, and Presentation!


Frank Britton narrates the beginnings of the AIDS epidemic.


D' Manda Martini tells the story of the three legends of Stonewall.


Patrick M. Doneghy narrates the journey through the AIDS epidemic and how the world started to recover and piece back together what AIDS have destroyed.


Frank Britton narrates the events of Stonewall Inn.

Featured in "The RED Show - For HIV/AIDS Awareness"  "What's Cooking, Good Looking" featuring D'Manda Martini

Tips on safe sex, how to properly use contraceptives, consent, and application.

Featured in "The RED Show - For HIV/AIDS Awareness" "Get On Top" with Tony by HIV Activist/Advocate, Tony Ray.

Providing information on the three "T's", Transmission, Testing, & Treatment