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Hey there kiddos! Being part of “Team Get-it-done” over the years has really helped me focus on the important things in my life. For example, we DiNardos didn’t have a family battle cry - so I fixed it! Now our enemies will tremble when they hear “Snacks and Naps!” And the response: “Small but Scrappy!” Gimme plenty of Nintendo, some board games with friends, and a touch of nature every now and then, and I’m a happy camper - also snacks... I like to eat... like every day. Though my mind is all over the place at any given moment, its powers can be harnessed for good - to which the rest of the Royal Court can attest. Non-shelter-in-place Gary Bernard loves being on stage, but during this year which could have only been outdone by the collective crazy plots of the series: “Grey’s Anatomy,” I’ve found a certain appreciation for making some of the magic possible from the background. Be good. Be safe.



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