• My Forever Valentine

    I would first like to start off by saying how much you inspire me. Every day you teach me something new about myself but I didn't realize I had before. 


    Waking up every morning with you gives me the strength to pursue my daily life. We have been through so much this past year alone. We faced challenges that completely rocked our world and challenged our limits. We also experienced moments of joy that empowered us to smile and face new challenges head on. Creating a new life and deepening our love and commitment for each other. 


    With all this love I still take for granted all the wonderful things that make you special.

           The way you are kind loving and welcoming

           Your creative mind that brings people together 

           A childlike sense of adventure, wonder, and humor that’s grounded and strong

           Wise words I should listen too more

           Your strength in dealing with all your luggage while supporting others

           Let’s not forget that beautiful head of hair.


    Thank you for inspiring me to get up every day and live my most authentic life.  Thank you for loving me and supporting me on my worst, most challenging of days.  Thank you for accompanying and celebrating my achievements and success with me. 


    Even though we are still single, and will be reminded SO MANY TIMES today, let these wise words from RuPaul continue to provide hope that one day we will no longer be single on this really weird holiday.


    Seriously. Google it. Its cRaZy NuTs and includes roman fertility/sex rituals, blood, murder, and chocolate! Sounds like a perfect story for a lifetime movie if you ask me. :D 


    wait……….what was I saying…… oh yeah RuPaul….


    “If you can't love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”


    Remember that self-love should never be overlooked!  Buy yourself that new sweater, treat yourself, and take time to pamper and love YOURSELF today cause you are worth it!






    Sean Michael Fraser

    Artistic Director for We Thr3e Queens Productions

  • Holocaust Remembrance Day

    “We Do not remember days, we remember moments.”  ~ Cesare Pavese

    It is very easy to get lost in all the heaviness and horrifying stories of the Holocaust.  We have learned about this dark moment in history in school, movies, books, art, and theatre.  Each story reveals a hidden depth to the evil expressed during this dark time.

    Gay men, forced to wear a pink triangle, were just one of the many minorities incarcerated in these death camps.  They were given the worst of jobs, most involving moving or breaking rocks, received the worst treatment and unfortunately killed in the most humiliating ways. 

    It’s easy to instantly start talking about these dark moments.  I can write MANY blogs just on the previous paragraph alone!

    No one wants to read a blog on that.  Although these stories of lives lost are important to tell, I don’t want to write a blog about that. I want to write about hope.


    “Where there's hope, there's life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.” ~ Anne Frank


    The lives that lived though, along with those that were lost, the Holocaust survived because of Hope.  They survived on the idea that the world could be a better place.  These brave individuals inspired the next generation to carry the torch and pass on the light that is hope.

    This beacon of light kept being passed down, through the generations, to inspire future LGBTQ heros to fight for justice and equality.  This spark of fire inspired future LGBTQ hero’s like Harvey Milk, Marsh P. Johnson, Sylvie Stevens, Ellen DeGeneres, Anderson Cooper, and MORE!

    Even now in 2021 we are still faced with individuals/groups who want to abolish minorities and wash away all the beauty and magic in the world. We must not give up though.

    We must survive and prevail and fight for a better future.  If not for us then for those lives lost before us.  We must fight to keep that glimmer of hope alive. 

    Therefor today, on International Holocaust Rememberance Day, I would like to dedicate this blog to those souls lost, childhoods stolen, and individuals who survived the Holocaust. 

    Thank you for sacrificing EVERYTHING so I can live the life I do today.  Thank you for fighting and surviving so we can live on.  Thank you for keeping the glimmer of Hope alive.


    Sean Michael Fraser

    Artistic Director for We Thr3e Queens Productions