The Ides of March

    It may be strange to some, but I have always enjoyed the Ides of March. For one, I like to laugh in the face of superstition and fortune telling. I am terrified at the idea of “fate” or a deity’s “plan” for me, and cannot be swayed from that fear making me want to stare down the face of superstitions. I fear no black cat – they give great cuddles, 13 is my lucky number, and I like March 15.

    With the weather starting to turn, and COVID-19 case numbers following suit, it’s hard not to look at this particular Ides of March as a bright, shining beacon of hope for the days to come. I mean, sure – Caesar’s assassins were manipulated by the ancient Roman equivalent of Facebook memes to dramatically murder Caesar in a stab-happy flashmob, but these days, I can’t help but feel good.

    Why? Because of all the stabbing going on lately...

    I’ve been stabbed.

    My partner’s been stabbed.

    Heck, several of my closest friends and family have been stabbed.

    And unlike that fateful stabbing that happened over two millennia ago, this will actually bring about the recovery of our nation, and not its ultimate downfall.

    So to my point: go get stabbed, get stabbed twice, or even once – whichever is necessary for proper dosing of the vaccine.

    Remember: the Ides of March isn’t a holiday about stabbing people – it’s about coming together as a group… to stab people.

    Beware the Ides of March!





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